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Dariusz Jarosz, Sales Manager (CEE)

tel: +48 787 060 450


Sławomir Dębski, Presales Engineer

tel: +48 784 121 535


Company description:

BlackBerry has transitioned its security expertise into becoming a global leader in cybersecurity software and services. We provide intelligent security, cybersecurity services and threat intelligence to governments, armed forces and businesses worldwide, leveraging mature artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively protect systems from today’s escalating and increasingly complex cyber threats. NATO has approved the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution for the storage and transmission of data up to and including the NATO RESTRICTED classification.

MSPO Objective:

They are interested in all markets in the CEE region, which was they decided to reopen their CEE office in Warsaw in 2022. They would like to meet stakeholders in the Cyber defence forces as well as those involved in communications in the defence and civilian sectors. Interested in direct sales as well as partnerships.

Engagement in Poland:

The company previously closed its office in Poland when they stopped manufacturing phones, though the summer 2022 reopening of their office coincided with Blackberry’s pivot to cybersecurity.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Worldwide presence on all international markets