Sorin Spataru, Director Business Development

tel: +1 902 292 1254


+1 902 880 8543


mail: n/a

Company description:

CarteNav, established in 2002, develops special mission software (AIMS-ISR and AIMS-C4) that enables intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISR) data from sensors to decision makers. With over 600 deployments, 115 customers in 60+ countries, CarteNav’s mission software is built to be highly adaptable for any platform, any sensor and any mission, meeting today’s diverse operational requirements.

MSPO Objective:

At MSPO, they are specifically targeting system integrators across all markets in a number of sectors (defence and security, law enforcement, firefighting, maritime patrol) to install their solutions. They are also interested in meeting OEMS (such as companies that make sensors) and end users to raise awareness about their solutions.

Engagement in Poland:

The Polish Border Guard and Frontex use their software.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

60+ countries – France, UK, Ukraine and the US