Company name:

D-TA Systems Corporation


Social media:

Dr. Dipak Roy, Founder

tel: +1 (613) 796-4430


Bryon Rempel, Director of Business Development

tel: +1 (613) 717-1466


Company description:

D-TA designs, develops, and manufactures spectrum processing solutions for all aspects of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO): from spectrum sensing to spectrum creation. D-TA products are results of ‘out of the box’ thinking, technical innovation, and no-compromise development that fulfills the company’s mandate to cut deployment risk, time, and cost by orders of magnitude. All D-TA products use antenna level digitization, high-speed optical networks as data backbone and software centric processing.

MSPO Objective:

They are looking to further expand its marketing reach, targeting Poland and other CEE markets (Baltics and other coastal/countries bordering Belarus, Russia or Ukraine).

Engagement in Poland:


Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Australia, Belgium, France, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, UK, US. Over 50 active customers in Five Eyes and NATO countries. Many of them are repeat customers.