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GSCI Advanced Photonics


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Yuliya Weenan, Sales and Marketing Manager

tel: +1 (416) 857-4185


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Since 1992, GSCI Advanced Photonics has been in the business of designing and manufacturing advanced electro-optical equipment and systems. With patents on their technology, GSCI has become a renowned brand in the international Military and Law-Enforcement markets. Their products, including thermal imaging, night vision, and advanced detection systems, boast cutting-edge specifications and unique features in the field of low-light electro-optics. GSCI’s contributions have significantly enhanced the effectiveness of government operatives operating in unfavorable visibility conditions. Through their continuous innovation, GSCI has solidified their position as a trusted provider, empowering professionals to perform their duties with excellence

MSPO Objective:

Introduce the latest technological developments and patented technology to professional end users and facilitators. Including MTAR™-HUD: Multi-Task Augmented Reality Night Vision Monocular Attachment Heads-Up Display LUX-14: The world’s lightest and smallest Tactical Night Vision Monocular, with digital control push buttons. QRF-4500: Advanced Multi-Functional Laser Rangefinder Unit TWS Series: Supreme Grade Thermal Scopes Quadro-SLR: The Ultimate Fusion Powered Sight.

Engagement in Poland:

Growing number of dealers, distributors, and agents working with the government.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Worldwide in 80+ countries