Company name:

Logistik Unicorp


Social media:

B. James Bottoms, Managing Partner

tel: +1-437-229-7181


Louis Winnen

tel: +49-160-368-1656


Company description:

Logistik Unicorp, based in Canada, and our partner Wintex, based in Germany, create revolutionary uniform programs, which are among the most customized in the world – from design and manufacturing to management practices – our efficient solutions meet the uniform challenges of the most complex public and private organizations. Logistik and Wintex, along with our other subsidiaries, supply uniforms and personal equipment for the militaries, law enforcement agencies and border control services in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria and Ukraine. Our on-the-ground, collaborative approach has led to innovative developments geared towards improving the overall performance of allied armed forces.

MSPO Objective:

To meet government and Armed Force leaders responsible for the procurement and distribution of uniforms and personal equipment; to introduce these leaders to the benefits of Logistik’s managed uniform solutions, products and services. To meet with established manufacturers such as Maskpol and Lubawa to discuss opportunities to partner on the implementation of managed uniform solutions for their clients and to offer or gain additional manufacturing expertise.

Engagement in Poland:

With Wintex – Germany, Austria, France, Tunisia and Togo Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine (via United Kingdom donation)

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Australia, Germany (Wintex), Togo, New Zealand, Ukraine (via Canadian donation)