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Edward Milne

tel: +447525904633


Peter Soar, Business Development Manager

tel: +44 7825 762448


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Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (APNT) is critical to mission success. With cutting-edge GPS Anti-Jam Technology like the GAJT-710 and GAJT-410, and emerging very low SWaP variants, we deliver robust solutions to protect your PNT information from the threat of jamming and spoofing. With proven protection and situational awareness through GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) and GAJT Direction Finding, your navigation superiority starts with Hexagon│NovAtel.

MSPO Objective:

Targeting all markets, though particularly interested in Ukraine and NATO Eastern Flank countries. Their products are currently being used to counteract Russian jammers, including by the British army in Poland at the Kaliningrad border. They want to talk to government decision-makers as well as UAV manufacturers (WB Group, etc.). They have a Polish supplier, but this supplier has had trouble breaking into the Polish and CEE Defence market.

Engagement in Poland: supplies their products in a non-exclusive relationship.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Worldwide, but mainly US, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Ukraine since the war.