Company name:

Paradigm Shift Technologies


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Dr. Gennady Yumshtyk, CEO

tel: +1647998-9867


Eugene Yumshtyk, Chief Operating Officer

tel: +1647998-9867


Company description:

Welcome to Paradigm Shift Technologies, the home of EPVD®, the revolutionary Advanced Gun Barrel technology. This world-first and only technique sizably extends the durability and performance of Weapon Systems and is compatible with current and anticipated operational requirements and environmental rules. This technique addresses the catastrophic failures experienced due to the accelerated deterioration of gun barrels and provides superior accuracy, increased barrel life, and considerably improves the sustainability of Weapon Systems. The ground-breaking EPVD® technology is not only highly effective in Weapon Systems performance but it is also environmentally benign leaving zero hazards and carcinogenic footprint in its wake

MSPO Objective:

Targeting all European markets

Engagement in Poland:

Work with some arms manufacturers who do business in Poland.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

France, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada, Israel