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Khalid Sbai, CCO

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Skycope’s anti-drone technology can safely and effectively detect, identify, locate and neutralize rogue drones from 23KM away to prevent them from posing security threats in unauthorized areas. The solution is a sensory device that connects virtually with a computerized box. The box uses AI and cloud software to provide information on the sensory input, to inform security decision making. Some customization is possible. Our products are controlled by a phone, tablet or computer application.

MSPO Objective:

Central and Eastern Europe is a priority market of theirs given the use of anti-UAV technology in Ukraine and the field’s burgeoning interest.

Engagement in Poland:

Started cooperation with AP-Flyer, a Polish Counter UAV producer in Spring 2023.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

France, Dubai, Morocco, Israel, Colombia, Mexico, 4 airports in Europe.