Hugo Torstensen, Business Development (Europe)

tel: +4797021457


Normand Lalonde

tel: +15142294484


Company description:

Soucy Defence makes composite rubber tracks (CRT) for armoured vehicles. CRT tracks offer the following advantages over traditional steel tracks:

• Increased durability
• Reduced vibration (up to 70%) & noise (up to 13dB)
• Reduced thermal signature
• Reduced vehicle weight (up to 50%)
• Reduced fuel consumption (up to 30-35%).
• Reduced vehicle crew fatigue

Significant reduction in life cycle costs and virtually maintenance free.

MSPO Objective:

Deepen existing relationships in the CEE market and to explore potential opportunities in new markets.

Engagement in Poland:

Soucy is currently competing with DST Defence Service Tracks (Germany) for a contract to provide tracks on the Borsuk and other armoured vehicles manufactured by Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), a PGZ subsidiary. Both products are in trial and a final decision is expected to be made in 2023.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Worldwide in 20+ countries. Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and the UK.