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Thornhill Medical


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Lesley Gouldie, President/CEO

tel: +1 647.971.5817


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Company description:

Filling military and humanitarian critical care gaps with ruggedized solutions for austere, transport and extreme environments, incl. oxygen concentration, ICU functions, vital signs, suction, ventilation and anesthesia. MOVES® SLC™, as being used in Ukraine, extends critical care window in natural disasters, mass casualty or conflict, for advanced medical capability closer to the front line. Portable, small, light, battery-powered, without the need for heavy, dangerous oxygen cylinders with proprietary circle circuit ventilation and oxygen generation. Combine with lightweight and compact MADM™, to deliver efficient gas anesthesia in field hospitals and forward-deployed surgical units for quick set up and operational mobility.

MSPO Objective:

Thornhill Medical would like to meet with military health units, including military medical education and research organizations, who are modernizing military medical care for multi-domain operations and large-scale combat operations. Thornhill would also like to meet strategic partners, including, aligned medical devices, interoperability and tele-medicine solutions, transport platforms, humanitarian providers and more.

Engagement in Poland:

Thornhill representatives are resident in Warsaw. Co-founder, Dr. Ludwik Fedorko, is a Polish-Canadian, having graduated from Warsaw Medical School and is a practising anesthesiologist at Toronto’s University Health Network.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

Belgian, Israeli, Ukrainian and US militaries, among others.