Company name:

UAVita Systems


Social media:

Jason Mann Vice-President (EMEA)

tel: +1 479 702 1457


Dmytro Shmykiv, Partner/Business Development

tel: n/a


Company description:

UAVita Systems is a designer and integrator of purpose-built fixed-wing high payload autonomous drones targeted towards the defence, agricultural, energy, aerospace and, infrastructure sectors. We produce two drones, including the Enterprise E300, a fixed-wing UAV which has a payload capacity of 300KG, and can fly up to 6,375KM.

MSPO Objective:

CEE is a priority market of theirs, and they are particularly interested in the Polish and the broader CEE market outside Ukraine.

Engagement in Poland:

Will be setting up manufacturing facilities in Poland to increase production capacity and sell to EU countries. Open to establishing a brownfield investment and working with a Polish partner.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

US, Ukraine