Ana Cifuentes, Regional Sales Manager

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Company description:

Ultra Communications, pioneers the latest technologies for tactical-radio-links, portable and deployable multifrequency satcom antenna systems and troposcatter solutions. Ultra has sold more than 50,000 tactical-radio-links OrionX500 to the U.S. Army TRILOS, Patriot missile system, IAMD and U.S. Navy ATCS programmes, among many others. Ultra offers a complete range of portable and quick-deploy SATCOM terminals: lightweight, sized and MIL-STD-810 and WGS certified that has been sold in more than 50 countries including Canadian, USA, and most of the European MoDs. In cooperation with Advantech-Wireless, Ultra offers Dual and Quad diversity, quick deploy and easy to operate TROPO Solutions.

MSPO Objective:

Interested in meeting end users and distributors in the following markets: Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway.

Engagement in Poland:

The company has had past sales to Poland, including direct to the armed forces as well as to industry, including WB Electronics.

Active (outside Canada & Poland)

27+ countries.